About Us

Introducing UBI MACs. One-stop solution for media consultation. You get your media approach and plan reviewed by Industry veterans and advised by stalwarts; where your campaign gets synced with marketing challenges and vast experience enables you to challenge the status quo and ask questions. Do things differently and grow phenomenally.

And all this without hiring them. Yes, without hiring them. You just pay for the actual hours spent! You get the best of the best in thousands of rupees instead of lacs. And no botheration of keeping experts hooked. Available round the clock just a few clicks away. Happy saving and utilization of resources for growth!

Our Vision

To be a no-nonsense, irreverent, agile and futuristic media and communication agency.

Our Mission

By being accessible, affordable yet boldly effective to small and mid-size advertisers who cannot afford a media manager. Accessibility is defined here as the media veterans would be advising the advertisers even for a small plan. Affordability comes with the one-of-a-kind remuneration structure, which is you don’t need hire or engage us, pay us for the hours you use hour services make huge savings and remain flexible. Effectiveness will be naturally more as the recommendations come from seasoned marketer and media veterans unlike the case of the agency where top brass don’t even look at plans. And we will be able to do so because our overheads and employment would be almost zero. Most of the services will be outsourced.


Solve for Marketers

We are to cater to the small and mid-sized advertisers for whom employing a media manager doesn’t make a sense. We are solving that gap with a big advantage which is bringing experienced expertise on board without advertisers paying a premium. In fact, they end up paying a fraction of the actual worth and at the same time increasing efficacy of their campaigns. In a way we are doing big service to the advertising industry because the what we are solving for is impossible to be done by big agencies due to their elephantine structure.

What advertisers get is consultation on their campaign approach, plans in real time by just paying couple of thousands. And are able to take an informed decision on their media plan. We will have to agree to the fact that in general a brand manager is not equipped or trained for judging or critiquing a media plan.

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